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Fun and Active Programs for Boys & Girls Grades K-12 that can be Enjoyed at Home

Scouting @ Home Concept

A one-stop shop for Scouting and non-Scouting families alike to find quality age and grade specific character building activities at home.

How to Use This Resource

Use our Certificate of Achievement to recognize your children for any program or task completed listed on this webpage.  Registered Scouts BSA members must get unit approval to work on Merit Badges.

Advanced Related Activities

Non-Scouting and Scouting families alike are welcome to print and use our Certificate of Achievement to recognize their children for accomplishing any task or Adventure on this site.  Parents of registered Cub Scouts can also use this certificate, then send a copy to your unit leader for official advancement.

Note to Parents of Registered Cub Scouts and Cub Scout Leaders, the National Director of Cub Scouting has issued the following statement:

We have approved that all Cub Scouting requirements for all ranks, including Webelos and Arrow of Light may be approved by the parent, legal guardian, or other adult family member.  In addition, Cub Scouts may continue to work on their badge of rank and adventures for that rank through June and July.  They are not required to, we just want to provide additional time for those who may need it.

Activity Instructions

1.  Do the Activities in the Adventure as outlined on this website.  They are actual Cub Scout Adventures for the Advancement program but have been rewritten to be completed without leaving home.

2. Print the Generic Certificate of Achievement, writing in the name of the Adventuer and your Child's name.

3.  Proudly display your Child's certificate, or if your child is a Cub Scout, send it to your Unit Leader for Advancement purposes if they have not yet completed said Advancement.

4.  In reference to information you do not know, look it up online.

Scouting @ Home Certificate of Achievement Award

References Needed for the Completion of Some Adventures

The Cub Scout Motto:  Do Your Best!

The Cub Scout Sign: Hold your right arm up and make a "peace" sign.

The Cub Scout Salute: Use when you are in uniform to salute the American Flag.  Make the Cub Scout Sign, make your two fingers touch, and then place the tip of your pointer finger and ring finger to the edge of your right eyebrow.

The Cub Handshake:  Let's avoid this one for now and practice our social distancing.

The Scout Oath
On my honor, I will do my best, 

To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; 
To help other people at all times; 
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

The Scout Law
A Scout is:

* Trustworthy,
* Loyal, 
* Helpful, 
* Friendly, 
* Courteous, 
* Kind, 
* Obedient, 
* Cheerful, 
* Thrifty,
* Brave,
* Clean, 
* and Reverent.

Cub Scout Rank Advancements

Lion logo                                
Lion Adventures for Boys & Girls in Kindergarten resizeimage 2

Tiger Adventures for Boys & Girls in 1st Grade resizeimage 1

Wolf Adventures for Boys & Girls in 2nd Grade

Bear Adventures for Boys & Girls in 3rd Grade

Webelos Adventures for Boys & Girls in 4th & 5th Grade


Can you complete our 30 Day Challenges?

30 Day Lion Challenge

30 Day Tiger Challenge

30 Day Wolf Challenge

30 Day Bear Challenge

30 Day Webelos Challenge

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Merit Badges and Their Workbooks Conducive to Working on at Home

Complete List of Merit Badges - For Boys & Girls Ages 11 & up


Young people can learn at meaningful level about many topics by working on Merit Badges.  Below is a list of Merit Badges that you can work on at home.  If you are a Registered Scouts BSA Member, work with your Unit Leadership to identify a registered Merit Badge Counselor so that you can officially earn the Merit Badge for your Scout Advancement.  If you are not a registered member, fell free to work on an at home Merit Badge, and have your Parent or Guardian sign off on the Certificate of Achievement when you are done. 


Remember:  Don’t just complete the workbook…if it says Demonstrate, or Show, you must actually do the task.

American Business              Energy                            Model Design and Building        Plumbing

Animation                          Family Life                       Nature                                    Programming

Basketry                            Family Life                       Painting                                  Reptile and Amphibian Study

Collections                         Fingerprinting                   Personal Fitness                      Wood Carving

Electricity                          Genealogy                        Personal Management               

Electronics                         Home Repairs                   Photography

Remember: For members to officially get credit for Merit Badge work, they must work through their units and an approved Merit Badge Counselor


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