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Now is a great time to join the FUN of Scouting! Some of the best things about Scouting are the activities you get to do: camping, hiking, racing pinewood derby cars, or doing community service projects that help the neighborhood you live in.

 Join one of our Scouting Programs

Cub Scouts – ages 5 to 10 years old

If you are a boy or girl in Kindergarten through fifth grade, or you are 5 to 10 years old, then Cub Scouting is for you!  It’s for your family, too.  Family involvement is essential to Cub Scouting’s success. Some of the best things about Cub Scouting are the activities you get to do:

  • Hiking
  • Racing model cars
  • Field trips
  • Den and pack meetings




Scouts BSA – ages 10 to 18 years old

Scouts BSA is available to boys and girls who have earned the Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old or have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10, or who are 11, but not yet 18 years old.

Participating in camping trips, hikes, and other outdoor activities, Scouts learn basic outdoor survival skills from cooking to first aid.  They develop leadership and social skills with their peers while attending weekly troop meetings.  They understand the meaning of hard work and commitment after taking part in a service project within the community.

The activities available in Scouts BSA are endless, designed to build character, leadership and personal values.


Venturing – boys and girls ages 13 to 20 years old

Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 14 years of age or 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade and under 21 years of age.

Venturing is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth, adult leaders, and organizations in their communities.  Local community organizations establish a Venturing crew by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community.  The result is a program of exciting and meaningful activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, develop leadership skills and become good citizens.